Monday, September 13, 2010

A lazy blogger blogroll...

Good morning, I hope this is shaping up to be a fabulous Monday for you.  My morning has been cruising right along.  I decided to clean out the refrigerator this morning, so I can say that I've earned my computer time.  ;-)

I have lots to accomplish today in the clutter and laundry department, so no time for a real post from me.  I'll share a few links to some of my favorites out there in bloggy world instead.  Leave a comment and tell 'em who sent ya. 

Have a blessed day!

Teaching Boys Chivalry at A Wise Woman Builds Her Home
Bloomers for $10 at The Play Dress
Parlor and Kitchen Notes - Just found this blog this morning, looking forward to poking around.
Pleasant View Schoolhouse - She's back!!!  She'd said goodbye and closed up the blog, but she's back!
A Dress a Day - Just like it says... A dress... nearly every day.
Girls' dress patterns for those of us brand new to sewing - Found at The Handmade Dress, a fun blog!

Alrighty then, that should keep you buys for a good hour.  <3

1 comment:

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

OOh! Those look like a great list of blogs. I can't wait to poke around in them. Thanks.

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