Monday, November 12, 2007

Places to visit while you're waiting around for me to blog

And if you're waiting for that, I'm sorry. You may as well get comfortable. My brain is completely full of holes lately.

But! I'm never without at least something to share. Thought I'd share my own blogs of interest, websites I frequent and online shops I like.

Bella Pamella - Isn't that stuff just ME?!!!

HTML Goodies - So you want to learn basic HTML, huh? Not me, but I'm glad this stuff is out there for them that do.

A Dress A Day - Erin shares my love of dresses, and she's so funny and creative. I'm never bored at her blog.

Tie One On - It's all aprons all the time, folks.

Friday's Feast - It's a buffet for your brain!

Yarnstorm - There's just something about a chippy talking knit.

Pandora Internet Radio - Free radio from the Music Genome Project. Enter a favorite artist or song and Pandora designs a station for you based on that artist or song style. I have a station named "Taylor the Latte Boy" that I listen to a lot.

WSDOT - I like to see what the weather's doing on my parents' side of the mountains. Love those traffic cams!

Provincial Arts - My friend Nicole is brilliant, y'all.

Mom's - Ever wonder what to do on the road? Wonder no more, my friend. - For the truly bored.

Longaberger - Retail therapy, anyone?

The Well-Trained Mind - Why we homeschool.

Trivium Pursuit - An article (long but worth the read) on why we're waiting to teach formal sit-down math until the kids are older. We'll concentrate verbally on everyday life math until the time comes.

Homeschool in the Woods - How cool are these timelines!

Brown Paper Patterns - Not that I sew, mind you.

Favorite Things - Again, not that I sew. But if anyone out there does, and feels compelled to, oh, I don't know, sew me something? Call me.

This Little Piggy Wears Cotton - The place I get Mary-Beth's bloomers. Dude, the name alone makes the store worth a peek.

IKEA - Who doesn't love IKEA?

Well, that ought to keep you busy for a few minutes. Until I find the rest of my brain and work up a real entry.
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