Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Just a quick note to the phonetically challenged...

Please allow me to vent a little bit. If one of these applies to you, I apologize in advance for offending you. If one of these applies to someone you know, vent with me! and then pass this on to that person.

1. There is no "m" in sandwich.

2. There is no "x" in escape, ask, especially or espresso.

3. The word wheelbarrow only has one "l" and it's NOT at the end.

4. The word thorough doesn't have even ONE "l" in it. (No really, I swear!)

5. The phrase is "case in point," NOT "point in case."

6. The word Nike on your shoes does NOT rhyme with bike, and there are only three syllables in the word Worcestershire.

7.  It's Reese's.  Like, it belongs to Reese.  Reese's doesn't rhyme with feces.

8.  Jaguar is not pronounced jag-wire. For the love of all that's holy, it's jag-wahr. Jag-wahr!

OK. I'm done whining. I feel much better. I think I'll excape to the bafroom for a bubble bath.


Anonymous said...

yep...may I add...

*the concrete barrier that separates your yard from the street is not a curve, it is a curb.

*The Santa Clause was a movie. Santa Claus is the jolly fat guy.
(I know that's more a spelling thing than a phonics thing, but it still irks me.)

I have more, but they're eluding me right now.

Kristina R.

The Momma Chronicles said...

Oh my gosh Kristina, you kill me! Thank you for reminding me about the curve thing, I'm L'ingOL. Please share if you think of more.


Heather 'n' Maddux said...

Great post as always! :) I'd like to add a few as well:

Pacific is an ocean, not an antonym for vague.

When you have a strong dislike for something, you are averse to it, not adverse.

And when you treat someone carefully, you handle them with kid gloves, not gold ones (unless, perhaps, you are an outstanding fielder).

Bridget said...

Living in Boston for 5 years gave me ALL sorts of phoenetic mishaps but mommy brain is keeping me from actually sharing them wif you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Forgot the single most annoying one of all time....

Spell the word N-U-C-L-E-A-R.

Notice there is only ONE "U."

The reason is that the word is pronounced Nu-Cle-Ar, and NOOOOOT NOO-KYOO-LER!!

And the NUMBER TWO most annoying one of all times...

February 14 is VALENTINE'S Day, NOOOOOOT VALEN-TIMES Day! Where do people come up with this one??

Kristina R.

Bridget said...

I completely forgot this one until I read the "Nuclear" comment.

I used to work for a department store that referred to their Jewelry department as the "Jooolery" department. It used to grate on my nerves every time someone paged that over the loudspeaker. Jooolery?? what's that??

Anonymous said...

Thought of another one today...

It is very FRUSTRATING to listen to people vent about being FUSTRATED.

Anonymous said...

You get books at the libRary, not the liberry.

Anonymous said...

One of my pet peeves is mandatory is not pronounced man-dan-tory.

Anonymous said...

In this neck of the woods, people say "Real-a-tea" for Realty. I'm sure it's more an accent issue than a phonetic challenge, but hearing it always makes me wince a little.

Kristina R.

The Momma Chronicles said...

Oh, SO many good ones everybody, and they all bug me too!

Kristina, I cringe whenever anyone says REE-LA-TER and almost included it in my list. But so many people say it that way I was beginning to wonder if I was the problem. Heeeeeee!


Anonymous said...


I can't believe I forgot this one, as it's the MOAM (Mother of all Mispronunciations)

The verb is proNOUNce. The noun is a proNUNciation. If I hear one more person talk about how they don't care about their proNOUNciation, I'll throttle them.

Kristina R.

alegra7 from BBC said...

My favorite is all those people that say supposeBly instead of supposeDly. Drive me up a wall!!! My MIL is the worst offender!

Anonymous said...


It's so funny you should update your blog with that particular mispronunciation. I took a friend and her son to the zoo the other day, and a little girl was going nuts over the "jagwires." It was like listening to someone pull a bow slowly and forcefully across a violin string. I was going to mention it here, but I didn't want to look like too much of an a-hole for making fun of a little girl!

Kristina R.

LoveALatte said...

Okay, I'm a little late to the party, but there are some that still haven't been addressed. Such as:

"For all intensive purposes" is just....? What does that mean? I think you mean "for all INTENTS AND purposes", yeah?

Then, there's the great accessories debacle.

Pronouncing accessories as "uh-SESS-er-ies". Oh, that makes me want to shoot someone.

And then there's behemoth. Not a frequently used word, but when someone feels the need to use it, could they please just pronounce it as spelled. It's NOT "bo-HE-muth" for heaven's sake.

There are more, but this isn't my blog.

Love ya'

Morgan said...

OMG, the "supposably" one drives me UP THE WALL! That is one that just makes me want to slap people. Another one is one my husband says. He says, "right off the back", when the actual phrase is "right off the BAT" (you know, as in baseball). I want to kick him everytime he says that. I can't stand it when people pronounce things wrong.

LoveALatte said...

Okay, more!

There is the alternate mispronunciation of "supposedly," which is "supposively." The urge to throttle the life out of someone who says that is just almost undeniable.

Then there is this gem I had forgotten until I saw it on a message board this morning. "Tongue and cheek." Unless you are saying it with your tongue IN cheek, of course.

Oh, and it's "things OF that nature," not "things TO that nature."

I could go on...

Dellaina, I love this blog. You really need to find someone willing to pay you to write this stuff. Then I could go on my blog and call you a sellout! Yay! :D


Anonymous said...

One that used to drive me NUTS was one of my exes faves- he'd say "It's a doggy dog world." WTF does that even mean?

Betsy (stubetobe)

Laura said...

This post is too funny. I have a few that drive me batty.

It's Jewelry, not "jury." I used to work at Wal-Mart and I hated it when they would page "I need assistance in the jury department."

The works stroke, strawberry, street do not have a k as the 3rd letter.

Also I live near Shreveport, Louisiana. It is pronounced exactly how it is spelled, it is not Sweepo

Another one Amb-u-lance, not amb-a-lance. That one is on the OnStar commmercial and I can't believe that they would let someone that stupid be on their commercial.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, where to begin . . .

My husband's ex-wife drives me absolutely batty with the word "actually". Would anyone care to tell me how she came to pronounce this "ack-shunt-lee"????

My husband constantly says "prolly" instead of "probably."

And for crying out loud, it's "can't you" not "cantchya"!

Ahh, thanks for the vent!

Suzanne (from Nov '03 BabyCenter)

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I am so late on this one, by my favorite challenge is "mute point". What the heck? Is it a point that can't talk? Another one that bothers me is "axe" for "ask". My husband comes up with good ones on a regular basis and then gets mad when I correct him.

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