Tuesday, September 07, 2010

It's a cloudy day

*5/11/10 Storm* from the Tri-Cities Area collection at JohnClementGallery.com

It's cloudy today.  I adore a cloudy day!  But today is the kind of cloudy day that isn't my favorite.  Gloomy but with no rain to refresh the green things in the neighborhood.  Not warm, but not chilly enough for a sweatshirt.  There's nothing spectacular about today.  We certainly aren't enjoying a fabulous storm like the one captured so beautifully in the photo above by Mr. John Clement.  If you get the chance, you should browse around his website.  I highly recommend his famous lightning collection.

So as I was saying, it's a blah kind of day.  Nothing remarkable, nothing noteworthy.  I usually love cloudy days, loving fall like I do, but I prefer my cloudy days to be windy and, if at all possible, blanketed in rain.  But man, today's blah is zapping me in the motivation department.  It's just so lukewarm!

Life is like that sometimes, isn't it.

It is so easy to kick it into autopilot and sail through unremarkable days like today.  Allowing my lukewarm surroundings to dull my senses and put me in a lukewarm mood, answering my children with a lukewarm voice, taking care of my home with a lukewarm attitude.  We all (well... I...) need days like today to give us respite from the dramatic up-and-down that can be the homeschooling lifestyle (super good days, super bad days), but I'm glad they don't happen very often.

We read Revelation 20, 21 and 22 today, trying to figure out what life will be like then.  Can you imagine a climate that allows fruit trees to produce an entire harvest each month?!  Yowza.  I can guess that the weather would have to be fairly constant, not given to extremes.  But really, who knows?  It's the new heavens and the new earth we're talking about here.  God can call the entire universe into existence with a single word, He can surely make trees bear fruit in any weather.  I have no idea how He's going to work it, but I'm excited to find out.

And I'll bet there'll be nothing lukewarm about the weather.

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