Friday, August 27, 2010

Rushing the season

My brother, Luke, and his wife, Melissa, will be hosting Thanksgiving this year.  It's their first holiday Out On The Farm with a nice big dining room to fill with family.  Between their 6 and our 5, plus whomever else comes to share the day, it will be a home full of love and thankfulness.

Yes, I'm already looking forward to Thanksgiving.  And yes, I do realize it's only August but I can't help it.  Fall is my favorite.  My favorite, y'all!  What's not to love?  The cold mornings with hot coffee, the rain, the cozy evenings together at home, the leaves, the family get-togethers, the autumn decorations... Did I mention it's my favorite?

Today I'll be getting my home ready for fall decor.  Storing all the summer stuff, cleaning the areas I usually decorate, probably forcing myself not to haul out the fall stuff.  After that, I will finally finish those napkins - I will!  (Again, I'll post about that later - I will!)  I've had a shoulder wrap on the knitting needles for almost a year, so today, in anticipation of the cooler weather, I'll use my earned free time to work on finishing that wrap.  Can't wait!

I'm so thankful to be home, not having to be rushed after a long day at work like the old days when it was just Ashley and me.  I can putter and dote all day long.  Thank you, Father, for my home and family!

Have a fantastic day!

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