Sunday, August 29, 2010

Canned some strawberry jam

If you're a canner, don't throw away the foam you skim off your jam.  It goes great on biscuits at snack time!

Completely different subject, but I had to chuckle when I looked at this photograph.  See how neat and tidy Jonah's area is, and how spread out Mary-Beth's set-up is?  Their bedrooms, indeed their personalities, are very similar to what you see going on with their snack situations.

Jonah's very ordered.  There's one way to get from point A to point B - fast.  His room is neat and tidy, he straightens it himself sometimes twice a day.  He has a place for all his things, and likes for the day to go a certain way.

Mary-Beth is so different from her brother.  Order?  That's something you do at a restaurant.  She doesn't walk anywhere.  She skips, twirls, dances, hops, anything but walking.  The right place for her things?  Anywhere in the house will do just fine, thank you.

I wouldn't change a thing.


Castle Diaries said...

Some of my best memories start with fresh homemade biscuits and strawberry jam foam on top! Yum!

Montgummibears said...

I love you friend. Verily, I do.

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